Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Get Your Shop Noticed!

Last month seemed really slow everywhere for anyone to sell anything! The group of gals I promote with was probably starting to feel down and out as well.

I thought for awhile and came up with the idea of have theme gallery posts. My husband came up with the name, Crafted By Hands. Then the blog finally took shape. So far we are 7 posts in and each gallery looks so AWESOME!

This is was made for everyone looking to get themselves out there. All it takes is some time from you to add your link. Themes change every weekday to keep it fresh. If you want to see a certain theme, you can always let me know too. The more you take part, the more fun it will be:)

I have gotten great reviews and support that I think this is a good way to go and will benefit everyone involved!

So, if you haven't stopped by yet then YOU MUST! Come link it up!


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